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Types of Interpreting

What is the difference between translation and interpreting?

A Translator deals with the written word, taking a text in a foreign language and translating it into their mother tongue. An interpreter deals with the spoken word, facilitating communication between speakers of different languages (i.e. at meetings, appointments, conferences etc)

What are the different types of interpreting?

  • Consecutive interpreting - is where the speaker pauses after each sentence to give the interpreter chance to relay the information into another language. Often the interpreter will take notes so that they can recall the information.

  • Simultaneous interpreting - also known as conference interpreting is where the linguist works from a soundproof booth with a headset and microphone interpreting into their mother tongue at the same time as the person presenting the conference is speaking.

  • Whispered - this is a form of simultaneous interpreting but without the equipment. It is literally the interpreter whispering to one or two people